Seasonal Homes & Cottages

Call us and have one of our brokers give you some competitive quotes - we have several insurers that specialize in cottage insurance and we can produce a policy that is suitable for you.

Various types of coverage are available to insure your cottage depending on its location and the use you make of it.
If your cottage is more like a “home away from home”, your insurance needs may go well beyond the limited coverage typically available for cottages.  We have policies that provide a greater level of coverage to ensure that you’ve protected your investment.
You will not only want to insure the contents of your cottage, but you may want to insure outbuildings such as garden sheds, garages or boathouses – along with piers and docks. You can add coverage for boats & motors to your home policy or your cottage policy.  A variety of coverages are available depending on the size and use of your boat or sea-doo.
Liability insurance to protect yourself and your family from legal claims against you is essential for this additional location and the risks that go with it.
At Kindersley Insurance, we can advise you on the best way to insure your secondary home or cottage by adding it to an existing policy or insuring it separately on a Seasonal Home Policy.

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