Cargo Insurance

If you want to ensure that you are paying the right price and are covered properly, call Kindersley Insurance and ask for a commercial trucking broker.

The Federal and Provincial Motor Carrier Acts often make it a legal requirement for truckers to carry cargo insurance.  These requirements protect the motoring and shipping public in the event that the carrier damages their goods.
As a trucker, you are legally liable for goods entrusted to your care and you will want to insure yourself properly.
At Kindersley Insurance, we have been insuring trucking operations and their cargo for years.  Whether you are hauling perishable groceries, high-value loads or livestock, we have markets to satisfy your needs at competitive prices.
If you are a leased operator, you may find that the deductible offered by your employer is too high for you to absorb.  We can offer you “buy-down” policies for your cargo deductibles.

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